Publish more, draft less

Though my blog subscribers may beg to differ, I actually spend quite a bit of time in the WerdsWords dashboard
writing posts. The thing is, I don’t publish a lot of the stuff I write.

If I had to really nail it down, I’d say the no. 1 reason I don’t publish most posts is that I don’t really want to be “that guy” who has a problem with the commonly-championed “thing”, whatever that may be.

I’ve also been reading a lot of these “daily blogging” or “regular writing” types of posts and really just end up self-labeling myself as a slacker and moving on. Unfortunately, I think the overwhelming list of drafts in my posts screen really just represents a lot of missed opportunities.

Maybe I should guts up this year and publish more, and draft less. I mean, hey, I published this, didn’t I? 😉

Started writing with Imagine

I’ve decided to try writing with Imagine.

On any given day I have a checklist to write, a couple paragraphs of help text to fine-tune or other little writing tasks. I’ve used TextEdit and MS Word but I don’t like the cluttered UI, nor do I need 100 options. To escape TextEdit, lately I’ve taken to using my code editor TextMate, which is ill-suited for simple text writing.

Right now, the pros for Imagine are simple:

  • It’s ready to write when I open it
  • It’s readable out of the box
  • It’s lightweight and free

We’ll see how it shakes out.