Slides for my documentation talk at WordCamp New York this weekend

Pay no attention to the blog behind the curtain

Kim Parsell wants me to “blog” while I’m at Write the Docs in Portland. What a preposterous notion.

You’d likely get much more out of searching the #writethedocs hashtag on Twitter.

Publish more, draft less

Though my blog subscribers may beg to differ, I actually spend quite a bit of time in the WerdsWords dashboard
writing posts. The thing is, I don’t publish a lot of the stuff I write.

If I had to really nail it down, I’d say the no. 1 reason I don’t publish most posts is that I don’t really want to be “that guy” who has a problem with the commonly-championed “thing”, whatever that may be.

I’ve also been reading a lot of these “daily blogging” or “regular writing” types of posts and really just end up self-labeling myself as a slacker and moving on. Unfortunately, I think the overwhelming list of drafts in my posts screen really just represents a lot of missed opportunities.

Maybe I should guts up this year and publish more, and draft less. I mean, hey, I published this, didn’t I? ;)

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