WordPress.com premium needs a gift option

I just upgraded a friend’s WordPress.com blog to a year of the “premium” bundle.

This was made possible by my already being an admin on the site. It occurred to me at the time that it seemed like there were two things missing:

  1. The ability to arbitrarily “gift” premium to someone
  2. Ability to pay with Amazon payments

OK, so maybe that second one is a bit of a way off. I was totally sold on Amazon payments after using it just one time. It’s way easier than Paypal. I digress.

I sort of view the “giving” of this upgrade as the next-generation version of giving the annual Reader’s Digest subscription. Almost a yearly “Blogger’s Digest” subscription.

Something for WordPress.com to think about.

My WordCamp Vancouver Slides

This weeked at WordCamp Vancouver I gave a talk called “Customizer-ing Theme Options: A Visual Playground”. I covered the basics of the Customizer API and did a case study with Nubrick, a Twenty Twelve child theme I built last year to learn about leveraging the Customizer API. Here are my slides:

Plugin repo bookmarklet

Sometimes when I’m checking out plugins in the WordPress.org repository, I like to view the source before I download. So partly out of boredom and partly out of laziness, I decided to create a bookmarklet that jumps you from a WordPress.org-hosted plugin page to its subversion repository.

The bookmarklet: Plugin Repo

To use the bookmarklet:

  1. Drag the above ‘Plugin Repo’ link to your bookmarks bar
  2. Visit any plugin page (or plugin’s sub-page) in the WordPress.org plugin repository
  3. Click the bookmarklet and you will be sent to that plugin’s SVN repo trunk url
  4. Boom.