Switching from Verizon after 10+ years

I’m paying an unreasonable amount of money for the service I’m getting at Verizon after 10+ years, so I’ve decided to switch carriers. I’m not going to tell you how much, because it’s kind of embarrassing. Let’s just say that for a single-line, smartphone-with-grandfathered-unlimited-data-plan, it’s a lot.

I know, I know. You’re wondering why I’ve waited all this time to make the switch. I’ve been with Verizon / VoiceStream since I was 16, and I’ve put up with a lot of over billing and BS and it’s finally reached a breaking point. The great coverage no longer outweighs everything else.

For the last year, I’ve actually been off-contract. And after reading about T-Mobile CEO John Legere’s ‘stop the bullshit’ in wireless pricing speech March 23, it occurred to me that I’m continuing to subsidize a phone that was paid off long ago. That’s just wrong.

I’m not really enthusiastic about switching to Verizon’s alter-ego AT&T either though. So it’s Sprint or T-Mobile at the top of the list.

My no. 1 question for the chatbot/CSR at Sprint was this:

You: Phones prices are subsidized into the contract plans to make the phones cheaper. If I finish out my contract, will the price go down?
Jeff: Yes, the prices would go down.

The thing is, I’m skeptical that this is true. From Legere’s speech, I know this is true at T-Mobile. But is this Sprint making empty promises or are they following T-Mobile’s lead?

For round one, I’m leaning T-Mobile. Maybe some of my friends on Sprint will weigh in with better news.