Download Shortcode v1.1: Now with subdirectory install support

Just released v1.1 of Download Shortcode, with added support for subdirectory WordPress installs.

Thanks to a report from Stuart Sequeira, I realized I’d forgotten to re-add subdirectory support when I rewrote it in v1.0. I also regenerated the pot file to make sure the strings are included.

In short: Download Shortcode provides a shortcode for wrapping media links that forces them to download. It’s great for providing easily-downloadable MP3, jpg, mp4 or other media file types.

Want to contribute?

Download Shortcode is in active development on GitHub too, so if you’d like to contribute, pull requests are welcome.


New local-to-live deployment plugin falls a bit short

A new local-to-live deployment plugin called WP Live Server Deploy was brought to my attention last week by a post over at WP Force.

The plugin boasts an automated set of features to handle the menial tasks of MySQL dumps + find & replace, plus handling your file transfers. Out of the box it seemed pretty promising. I’d say the biggest disappointment out of the box is a complete lack of SFTP/SSH support for the transfer. You can only do so much over FTP alone and the plugin failed miserably to handle the MySQL part of the equation.

Along that vein, there’s a so-called “Manual” option for handling the MySQL dumps. This would be fine, except that it doesn’t work — it nets an empty SQL file. I’d say @sagetarian has some work to do yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing another iteration. You can download the plugin via the repo and/or follow development on Github.