Idea #1: Post Formats should be removed from core for new installs

Like the Link Manager was removed from new installs and shifted to a plugin, so should post formats. Yes, the post format for this post is an aside.

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Drew Jaynes

Drew is a former Core Developer for the WordPress open source project, and he works on cool plugins like AffiliateWP, Easy Digital Downloads, and Restrict Content Pro.

One thought on “Idea #1: Post Formats should be removed from core for new installs”

  1. Yes, it was so confusing when I saw that list. The questions of: what if I choose the wrong one?, how will it look?

    Many themes have a different look for different post formats in the index; which the user won’t be able to see before publishing.

    I do like post formats, now that I undertand where to use them, see -> There is a use for them, they look nice.

    For a new user, it should be something that they turn on, later as they want to add further customization. The Theme might provide support for them, but the functionality get’s turned on later. For my personal blog: i don’t use post formats.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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