Gutenberg first impressions … written in Gutenberg

Hmm. A "storytelling" angle. Is all new content written in Gutenberg considered a "story"?

* What about magic formatting, perhaps as a bulleted list?
Nope, apparently not.

It's kind of interesting how every time I hit enter, I effectively create a new block, whereas I guess experience suggests it should just be another paragraph in the same block. Maybe shift+enter will prevent that?

Nope. Hmm, OK.

I do kind of like how backspacing out of a thought effectively deletes the block and moves you back to the previous one. That seems intuitive. Having to double click on icons for previous blocks because they aren't currently the ones with focus isn't.

OK, so I've clicked out of the blocks and now there's a bunch of stuff in the sidebar. I get it, it's very much an indicator of "distraction free writing" but the transition is kind of jarring. Flash on, flash off.

Wonder what the difference is between naturally typing a new "paragraph", thereby getting a new block, and clicking this + symbol does?

Oh, apparently text is the default. Maybe the gear icon for each block that currently does nothing gives options to change the block type? Bug probably.
Oh, so it seems like you actually can hit enter inside a block and remain in there, but it only works sometimes and you can't space the text more than a single break apart without triggering a new block.

Somebody mentioned in another post that the drop cap doesn't seem to work.
I got it to work once (somehow) but now can't. Definitely a little buggy.

Anyhoo, part II will cover non-text blocks and part III sidebar settings that flash on flash off.

OK, actually, I'm just going to inject one quick thing here … if what are effectively post settings only show when you select out of a block, maybe the button that toggles the sidebar (that holds block settings when a block is focused, and post settings the rest of the time) should say Block Settings when a block is focused.

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